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Enjoy camping up in the trees

Holiday happiness starts with Treelodge. Our tree house camp is an excellent place to do ‘different activities’. A weekend away with the children, a fun stay with family or friends, ... The Treelodge nature, adventure and freedom experience has something for everyone. We’re located in the Antwerp Kempen region; an excellent place to stay and fully enjoy.

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Bottom view of trees
Staying at Treelodge equals enjoying the quiet, nature, freedom and adventure. With a twist of luxury if you wish. Quality time guaranteed!
Little tree house

Unique concept

As a child, you’ve probably dreamt about staying in a tree house. Treelodge is here to make your dream come true. In a forest in Retie we’ve built a tree house camp, where you, your friends and family can enjoy an unforgettable holiday. Just that bit more unique than a hotel room and more fun than camping.

Camp fire

A place to relax

The forest and tree houses are situated in the “Quiet” Kempen region. An excellent place to relax. Enjoy a crackling camp fire at night and wake up to the sound of a bird choir. Or hang out under the stars in a hammock. With a glass of wine, your favourite music... Heaven!

De zon schijnt door de bomen

Back to basics

Experience nature in all its glory. Get away from your daily stress. Live at your own pace during your tree house stay. No alarm clock, no morning schedule, no to-do list. And the option to live minimalistically... Or not. Taste the unbridled freedom and carry it with you as a happy memory.


We’re Bram & Karen (George & Thelma ans Suzanne) dreamers, hedonists, entrepreneurs and adventurers. After many travels, cocktail hours and endless daydreams, we created Treelodge, a tree house camp that is both relaxing and inspirational. Experience the happiness of being surrounded by nature. A feeling we’d love to share with you..

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Our story

  Najaar 2019

  • Bouwen maar...



  • MILESTONE: approval permits from " natuur en bos"!

  Summer 2018

  • Occasionally make time to go camping with our best friends

  Summer 2018

  • Fire pit under construction.
The forest is ours

  2017 - 2018

  • Time to draw plans and to request the necessary permits.

  Augustus 2017

  • Renovation of the existing chalet

  July 2017

  • Yes, the forest is officially ours! Time for a party.

  March 2017

  • The offer on our forest is accepted :-)

  Winter 2016

  • Where it once started... On vacation.
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