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Your Very Own Tree House

Inspired by a stay in one of our tree houses? Want to live your own dream with your own backyard tree house? Treelodge can help! We design and build unique tree houses for individuals, schools, clubs etc. For children, as well as adults, looking for a quiet spot or a social hang out space with friends.

We’ve been building tree houses for years, as well as planting and maintaining trees. We work together with Klimop Boomverzorging. We also offer consults for tree houses or other wooden constructions in your home. The possibilities are endless. The best part: your dream or garden is in the hands of dedicated tree lovers. Which guarantees success!

At Treelodge, all of our treehouses are designed and built in-house. In fact, we've been building tree houses for years, as has tree planting and maintenance. We do that together with Klimop Boomverzorging.

Unfortunately, due to our busy schedule, we cannot take on any more projects at the moment. Would you still like your own tree house? Contact our partner Klimop Boomverzorging!

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